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These lecture notes are personal property of Dr. Jim Bidlack and may not be duplicated by others for personal profit, publication, or other purposes leading to monetary gain.  If used as reference material, acknowledgement of Dr. Bidlack should accompany the presentation.  Students and instructors may use these materials for personal educational enrichment.  Students are permitted to print one copy of the notes on their own printer and have them available for review during lecture.

word pdf Introduction Lect. 1
word pdf What is Life? Lect. 2
word pdf Scientific Method, Classification Lect. 3
word pdf Chemistry Lect. 4
word pdf Cell Structure and Function Lect. 5
word pdf Biological Molecules Lect. 6 & 7
word pdf Enzymes & Energetics Lect. 8
word pdf Photosynthesis (Part I) Lect. 9
word pdf Photosynthesis (Part II) Lect. 10
word pdf Respiration & Secondary Metabolism Lect. 11
word pdf Molecular Biology  Lect. 12
word pdf Replication & Transcription Lect. 13
word pdf Transcription & Translation Lect. 14
word pdf Genes, Gene Control, & Engineering Lect. 15
word pdf Mitosis & Meiosis Part I Lect. 16
word pdf Mitosis & Meiosis Part II Lect. 17
word pdf Genetics Lect. 18
word pdf Evolution Lect. 19
word pdf Viruses, Monerans, & Protistans Lect. 20
word pdf Fungi & Plants Lect. 21
word pdf Plant Morphology & Anatomy Lect. 22
word pdf Plants:  General Anatomy Lect. 23
word pdf Plants:  Absorption & Transport Lect. 24
word pdf Animal Diversity Lect. 25
word pdf Human Evolution Lect. 26
word pdf Animal Cells, Tissues, & Systems Lect. 27
word pdf Nervous System Lect. 28
word pdf Endocrine System Lect. 29
word pdf Sensory Systems Lect. 30
word pdf Circulatory & Immune Systems Lect. 31
word pdf Respiratory System Lect. 32
word pdf Digestive System Lect. 33
word pdf Human Reproduction Lect. 34
word pdf Population Ecology Lect. 35
word pdf Community Interactions Lect. 36
word pdf Ecosystems (includes food web and nutrient cycles) Lect. 37
word pdf Biosphere & Human Impact Lect. 38
word pdf Animal Behavior Lect. 39
word pdf Internet Project Special
pdf pdf  BIO 1114 Old Exams for Dr. Bidlack's Class Special
pdf pdf Answers to Old Exams for Dr. Bidlack's Class Special

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