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This page is equipped with new links to help you understand botany better, so you can do well on Bidlack's exams.


The fist link is Botany Lecture Notes, which provides outlines for all of Dr. Bidlack's lectures in Plant Biology (BIO 1304).


With the Botany Pictures link you can see some of the diagrams and pictures used for some of the lectures.


Then we have the link to Dr. Bidlack's Page. It's not too bad.  If you need to find out some interesting things about Bidlack, then choose this link. You can also click it if you get bored.


So now you have a new and improved Botany Web Page that will equip you with stuff needed for Dr. Bidlack's Botany class. I hope you enjoy the page, and hopefully now you can do well on the exams.


If anyone has ideas to help freshin' up this page from time to time, just email me at Enjoy the page.



Botany Lecture Notes




Botany Pictures

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