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Results from the Protein Lab for the Spring 2010 semester are provided here.  There are two items that you will need for your lab report:


1.  Photograph of the gel from SDS polyacrylamide electrophoresis of real and imitation crab meat [GEL PICTURE #1]


Note the following lane designations, which should be described for the gel:


Lane Number Sample Description
1 Standard (ladder - very faint)
2 Group #1, Real
3 Group #1, Imitation
4 Group #3, Real
5 Group #3, Imitation
6 Group #4, Real
7 Group #4, Imitation
8 Group #5, Real
9 Group #5, Imitation
10 Blank


You are more than welcome to cut-and paste the gel picture or download the file [GEL PICTURE #1] to integrate it into your report.  You should integrate it into your report - NOT merely attach it in crude form and state something like "see figure at end of report."  You also need to label the gel yourself and provide a good interpretation for each of the lanes.  If you simply cut-and-paste the table above for your report, it will be considered plagiarism, and 10 points will be automatically deducted from your lab report.


2.  Photograph of the Precision Plus Protein Standard for estimating protein size [PROTEIN STANDARD].  This photograph should be placed appropriately along side the sample gel so that it can be used to estimate size of the bands used to distinguish between real and imitation crab meat.



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