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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Fall 2003 Cell Physiology Class

Pictures from Fall 2003 Cell Physiology Class

Dr. Bidlack provides advice for Lab Group Leaders

Scott Maddox gives a brief discussion of DNA extraction from onion

Class listens carefully to learn procedures

Aliyeah asks an interesting question

Justin gets excited about Aliyeah's procedural question

Mina sits back and enjoys the discussion

Crystal volunteers to be the group's onion cutter

Cutting the onion into small pieces is the first step

Yvette goes wild with the mortar and pestle as Mary watches

Amy and Jaci get into grinding the onion to pieces

Guys watch as women do all the work!

Kenyatta learns how to use a tissue homogenizer

An onion extract is used for DNA isolation

Prianka and Aliyeah learn the tricks to DNA isolation

Jaci takes careful notes about procedures

Yvette, Kenyatta, and Mary check tube for DNA precipitate

Mary is pretty sure that there's DNA in the tube

Amy is confident that DNA will be obtained

Jeremiah tells stories while the group isolates DNA

Kari enjoys Jeremiah's stories and gets ready to quantify DNA

Everyone has fun with Jeremiah's stories

Holly looks for a Lab Partner

Andrea and Holly decide to become Lab Partners

Tyson is looking for a Lab Partner

Amber volunteers to be Tyson's Lab Partner

Jared takes a shot at forming a new Lab Group

Aha!  Amber and Kari ask Jared to join their Lab Group

Scott tries to join the Lab Group with Kari

Dusty gets ready to take DNA to spectrophotometer

Tuesday Lab Group quantifies DNA on spectrophotometer

Thursday Lab Group quantified DNA on spectrophotometer

Scott Maddox is satisfied with everyone's learning experience

Mina Pakzad pleased with the results

Amy McCord and Justin Griffith become good friends

A great picture of Amy McCord after graduation!