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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Spring 2007 Cell Physiology Class

Pictures from Spring 2007 Cell Physiology Class

Billy and JT examine onion tissue treated for DNA extraction

JimTodd shows his inquisitive expression about the likelihood of success

DeAnn is confident that DNA will be obtained

Bincy comes up with a marvelous idea for centrifuging the sample

Beth explains that her passion in life is to become one with a DNA molecule

Cody escorts the secret DNA papers to the front of the lab

Billy figures out that the Molecular Cell Physiology Class is a great place to get a study partner

Renee confesses that she has a crush on JimTodd after seeing his great skill with agarose gels

Elizabeth and Yavar are as excited as can be about the microcentrifuge tube

JimTodd shows everyone how to load an agarose gel

Group #1 celebrates success in helping the class to extract DNA from an onion

Tanya, Jennifer, Elizabeth, and Yavar provide an exciting presentation

The race to the microcentrifuge!

Billy shows the class that he is KING of the SDS-PAGE gel rack

Group #2 celebrates success in helping the class to obtain a good SDS-PAGE gel

DeAnn shows great skill in grinding tissues to obtain the enzyme extract

A good enzyme extract is obtained

Kristi, Tim, and Beth show off their standard proteins

Spectrophotometer Party!