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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Spring 2010 Cell Physiology Class

Pictures from Spring 2010 Cell Physiology Class

Jeff, Melissa, and Kayla grind tissues

Tyrone and Mandy getting ready for PAL lab

Bryce - our future dentist

Jake and Alexander excited about enzyme assays

Irene, Kayla, & Melissa doing a careful enzyme extraction

Jody, Chau, Brittany, and Erica ready for protein assay

Sandra and Matt empty a graduated cylinder

Bacterial transformation lab!

Erica, Alexander, Yvette, and Whitney putting samples on ice

Michelle samples cheek cells

Bryce rinsing with saline solution

James showing sterile loop technique

Alexander crazy about cheek cells

Irene, Alexander, and Jake use master mix

Jake and Michelle good friends

Eric visits Erica in lab

MCP Class learns about PCR and thermocycler