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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Fall 2004 Plant Anatomy Class

Pictures from Fall 2004 Plant Anatomy Class

Our fearless leader, Dr. Bidlack

Nik, future Game Warden for the State Wildlife Conservation

Our Multi-Millionaire of the Year, Steve, ready for Med School

Everyone knows that Nathan is shy in front of the camera

Nathan becomes the class intellectual leader

This is a future dentist, Sara, and she is ready to fill some cavities

Michelle figures out that Plant Anatomy is essential for all future marine biologists

Next time you are looking for aquatic invertebrates, Anndrea will show you where to find them

Anndrea gets everyone motivated about Plant Anatomy!

Future Professor of Plant Physiology, Lisa!

Entrepreneur Kenton explains how to pronounce his first name

Kenton hard at work in Oklahoma City's Crystal Bridge

Sorry ladies, Darrell just got married and has a kid

Todd, Future Senator and Medical Public Relations Expert

Todd reports back in Summer 2005 about his trip to Hawaii - Prop Roots!

Kenjiro once again sets the curve for the class