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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Fall 2006 Plant Anatomy Class

Pictures from Fall 2006 Plant Anatomy Class

Mike, our Star Plant Anatomist, has every girl's attention when he talks about parenchyma

Tabitha (#1) will celebrate graduating and getting married this year!

Tabitha (#2) can't wait to get her hands on some good tracheids

Tamara dreams about working at the Oklahoma City Zoo

Tran Tran's ambition is to become a secret agent, although she claims to be a pharmacy major

David will soon go to Medical School and become President of his class

Kara wants to learn everything there is to know about Mike's parenchyma

Keenan is coconuts for Plant Anatomy!

Emily is not sure if she prefers parenchyma or coconuts

Kate is proud as can be of her husband and loves to teach microbiology

Kristen still remembers seeing Dr. Bidlack wearing a hospital gown and talking about xylem

Cliff finally gets to see Mike's parenchyma under the microscope and is truly amazed

Lisa will soon go to Graduate School so she can spend a lifetime studying Plant Anatomy

Dr. Bidlack can't get enough of Plant Anatomy!