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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Fall 2005 Plant Physiology Class

Pictures from Fall 2005 Plant Physiology Class

Edana, Research Assistant and Wizard of Oz, prepares for today's lab

Melody gets excited about drinking beer in class

Alan explains that, although he had a six-pack last night, we're not drinking any beer today

Lori comes up with a great idea - "Let's analyze protein in potatoes!"

Toby is pretty sure that potatoes have more protein than sedimentary rocks

David suggests that we all eat potato chips instead of doing lab

Crystal knows better and assures everyone that protein analysis is great fun

Yvonne insists that we analyze protein while eating potato chips and drinking beer

Amy daydreams about her favorite lab - The Hill Reaction - which will be next week

Chang tells the class about his Toyota Camry, that needed a new engine on the day of the test

Tabitha thinks the chemicals next to her desk contain magical formulas for Witches' Brew

The grand conclusion at the spectrophotometer - protein found in potatoes!

Soybeans are planted in potting soil by Master Gardener, Lori

Normal (Jilin) and mutant soybeans prepared for sampling

Close-up of the normal and mutant soybean plants

Subcellular components of tissue isolated by differential centrifugation and stored in vials

Crystal excited about running the centrifuge at high speeds

Meanwhile, Dr. Bidlack shows the class how to use the Hula Hoop

Chang shows the class how he won the National Hula Hoop award

Amy is a natural when it comes to mastering the sport of Hula Hooping

Tabitha sports a new outfit specially designed for Plant Physiology Lab

Amy explains to Chang what sort of outfit he needs to wear in Plant Physiology

Crystal, Melody, and Lori show how spectrophotometry is done

Dave joins in the fun with the spectrophotometer

Melody and Toby get fired up to do perform SDS polyacrylamide electrophoresis

Toby falls in love with the electrophoresis chamber

Chang is not sure what is going on with Toby and the experiment

Melody explains to change what Toby intends to do with the gel

Chang becomes an expert at loading proteins into the gel wells

Potatoes are sampled for determining water potential

Tabitha pauses to think about what she will do with her potato

Measuring water potential using the Chardakov method

Class prepares plants for the mineral deficiency experiment