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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Fall 2009 Plant Physiology Class

Pictures from Fall 2009 Plant Physiology Class

Class learns about about pKa, buffers, and titration

Jocelyn, excited as ever about Plant Physiology

Shay models new shirt just before homogenizing samples

Sean, getting tubes ready to learn about the Hill Reaction

Protein standards for the MDH lab

New SDS-PAGE apparatus for MDH lab

April wants an electrode box to run electrophoresis for Christmas

Gel #1 image

Gel #2 image

Jocelyn and the microscope

Megan shows off her onion

Sidney and Ashley daydream about plasmolysis

Shay, Sean, Eric, and Bobby ready to dissect onion

Stephanie uses credit card to buy garden supplies

Bryce, Eric, and Whitney excited about Plant Physiology

Dawn and Sean ready as ever for lab

Madeline, April, and Adelee prepare for plasmolysis