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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Spring 2012 Plant Physiology Class

Movies from Spring 2012 Plant Physiology Class

Exciting Results from the Hill Reaction
Chloroplasts successfully obtained for the Hill Reaction

The malate dehydrogenase organelle isolations are a great success!


Pictures from Spring 2012 Plant Physiology Class

Class applying growth regulators to plants

Amazing results for the Chardakov Experiment

Adding methylene blue to see drop rises or falls

Dr. Bidlack getting excited about plant water potential

Blake and Chase prepare potato tissue for Chardakov Experiment

Having fun with the centrifuge

Loading the polyacrylamide gel (close-up)

Loading the polyacrylamide gel

The Hill Reaction is a great success!

Getting ready to homogenize spinach

Chopping spinach to isolate chloroplasts

Dr. Bidlack is Mr. Potato Head

Class excited about spectrophotometry

Andrea learns spectrophotometry

Nimmy learns spectrophotometry

Class enjoys chlorophyll extraction

Kasey filters chlorophyll with gusto

Blake and Chase perform tissue culture

Lacey and Cara perform tissue culture

Nancy and Matt perform tissue culture

Ramina and Nimmy perform tissue culture

Aaron having fun with titration

Cj having fun with titration

Diana having fun with titration

Gina having fun with titration

Michael having fun with titration

Nancy having fun with titration

Robert having fun with titration

Shiren having fun with titration

Steven having fun with titration

Yiyuan having fun with titration