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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Spring 2014 Plant Physiology Class

Movies from Spring 2014 Plant Physiology Class

Grand Finale of the Spring 2014 Plant Physiology Class (YouTube)

We're Going to the Centrifuge!


Pictures from Spring 2014 Plant Physiology Class

Using the old Spectronic 20 to show Absorption Spectrum of Chlorophyll

Dr. Bidlack is Amazed with Roshan's Homogenizer Technique

Roshan, Kelly, and Luke using the Tissue Homogenizer

Centrifuging samples for chloroplast isolation

Sasan staying productive with aerospace engineering during lab break

Veronica very excited to prepare samples and take them to the centrifuge

Brian and Bryce give thumbs up for the MDH Experiment

Lab Group - Shift #1 - prepares samples for MDH Experiment

Max prepares soil to germinate seeds for the Plant Nutrition Experiment

Trevor, Kylie, Laurelyn, and Kyle setting up the Plant Nutrition Experiment

Results from the Plant Nutrition Experiment