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Letters of Recommendation from Dr. Bidlack

Students don't necessarily understand that a letter of recommendation should be written by someone who knows the individual well enough to compose an accurate, descriptive, and honest evaluation.  It is quite an honor and a pleasure to write letters for good students who have been in my classes and who have worked in my laboratory.  However, I cannot and will not write letters for students who have merely taken one of my classes and feel it is my obligation to write a letter about them.  Keep in mind that faculty members take time away from their families and personal lives to help students in this manner and I will not waste time composing a letter for someone whom I cannot whole-heartedly support.

If you feel that you have earned a superior grade in one of my classes and you have been a member of my Research Group, I will consider writing a letter for you.  Even as such, I reserve the right to refuse writing a letter for you (which may be because of time limitations or I simply do not want to write the letter) and you might need to ask someone else to support your case.  If, indeed, you want me to write a letter of recommendation for you, I request the following:

You may contact me in person (Howell Hall Room 301B), by phone (974-5927), or e-mail (jbidlack@uco.edu) to discuss obtaining a letter or recommendation.


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