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Success Central (UNIV 1012) assists students in transitioning to university life.  The class acquaints students with techniques that encourage student success, improve and refine academic skills, and develop skills and attitudes needed to achieve educational and personal goals.

For the Fall 2005 Success Central Class (CRN 19263), you will need an access password and a class password to register at the site, http://www.csfi-wadsworth.com/ and take the College Success Factor Index (CSFI) test.  The access password may be found on the back of the card that came with your textbook or, if you bought a used textbook without the card, you may purchase access passwords at the bookstore.  When you register on the Internet at http://www.csfi-wadsworth.com/, you will be asked  the access password AND a class password to complete the process.  The class password for the semester is 19263

word pdf Click the word or pdf link at the left for instructions on taking the College Success Factor Index Test

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word pdf Central Success (UNIV 1012) Syllabus for Fall 2005 (Tuesday & Thursday from 4:30 to 5:35 PM)


Pictures from Current Success Central Class

A game of dodgeball #1

A game of dodgeball #2

A game of dodgeball #3

Cara shows her prized possessions

Julianne shows her prized possessions

Katie shows her prized possessions

Melissa shows her prized possessions

Andrew shows his prized possessions

Heather H. shows her prized possessions

John  shows his prized possessions

Brandon shows his prized possessions

David V. shows his prized possessions

Brandi shows her prized possessions

Rosita shows her prized possessions

Taylor at work in class

Roger at work in class

Gabe at work in class

David K. at work in class

Blake at work in class

Paul at work in class

Kyle at work in class

Lauren at work in class

Danielle at work in class

Heather B. at work in class