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This is the Main Page for Dr. Bidlack's Lecture Notes (and Lecture Materials for Molecular Cell Physiology).  You should use these notes to help prepare for class, and even take them to lecture with you so you can follow along more closely in class.  Most of these notes are provided in outline format, to help organize information and assist your learning experience.  Additional notes, in the form of drawings, pictures, and examples will be presented in class.  You should annotate your notes during lecture, with the information presented, in order to have a complete understanding of topics covered.  Once you have completed the course, you may use these notes for your own teaching and reference, as long as you follow the rules stated on individual course pages.  Dr. Bidlack generally teaches the following courses at UCO during the Academic Year and you can access lecture notes by clicking on one of these links:

Directed Research for undergraduate students and Thesis Hours for graduate students are generally taught every semester, but must be arranged with the instructor.

You may notice an error if you try to use the MS-Word files without downloading them directly because your computer may attempt to write to the Server, which is not permitted.   For best results, use Adobe Acrobat or choose right click and "save as" option in your browser for MS-Word files.

There are two Servers containing these Lecture Notes:   http://www.metabolism.net/bidlack and at http://biology.uco.edu/bidlack.  You are welcome to use either address to download this information.


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