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This Web Page includes pictures of Jim Bidlack's parents and brothers as well as pictures from early years in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Bidlack Family

Family of Verne & Norma Bidlack, Married December 7, 1946



Jim, Geoff, John, and Gregg at IHOP in St. Louis, Missouri (April 2017)

John, Gregg, Geoff, and Jim at the St. Louis, Missouri Marriott (April 2017)

Gregg Little Bidlack visiting Jim in Edmond, Oklahoma (October 2010)

Jim Bidlack at the Missouri Botanical Gardens (May 2006)

Brother Gregg Bidlack in St. Louis, Missouri (May 2006)

Bidlack Brothers in Indianapolis, Indiana (March 2005)

John Lawrence Bidlack in Indianapolis, Indiana (March 2005)

Gregg Little Bidlack in Indianapolis, Indiana (March 2005)

Geoffrey Alan Bidlack in Indianapolis, Indiana (March 2005)

James Enderby Bidlack in Indianapolis, Indiana (March 2005)

Bidlack Brothers and Families from Norma and Verne Bidlack (July 2004)

Bidlack Brothers - Jim, Gregg, John, and Geoff (July 2004)

Mom (Norma Little Bidlack) in Holland, PA (Summer 2002)

Mom and Dad at Newtown, PA (Spring 1998)

Brother Gregg working on Motorcycle in Ocean City, NJ (September 1996)

Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary (December 1996)

Dad working fence at Newtown, PA (September 1995)

Parent's Farm House in Newtown, PA (June 1995)

Mom and Dad's Formal Picture (mid 1990s)

Daisy the Cat - Looking Good! (July 1992)

Mom and Brother Geoff at Wedding (August 1983)

Brother Geoff (with wife Laura) and Brother John (August 1983)



Jim Bidlack visiting Lester Walcott and Wilma Walcott (August 2000)

Lester Walcott, Family Farm Manager in Nebraska (August 2000)

Lester and Mike Walcott Showing Corn Yield Prospect (August 2000)

Mike and Lester Walcott Inspecting Hay Cutting (August 2000)

Lester and Mike Walcott Explaining Weed Problem in Corn (August 2000)

Walcott Family - Mike, Lester, and Wilma (August 2000)

Bidlack Farm in Shelton, Nebraska - Corn (August 2000)

Bidlack Farm in Shelton Nebraska - Alfalfa (August 2000)



Jim's High School Picture before Graduation (April 1979)

Jim's Eagle Project at Martin Nature Park in Wyncote, PA (1978)

Jim and Dad working with stone wall on Cheltena Ave (Summer 1978)

Jim's Science Fair Project at Jenkintown High School (October 1978)

L to R: Geoff, John, Dad, and Jim (Christmas 1976)

L to R: Geoff, Mom, Jim, and John (Christmas 1976)

L to R: Geoff, Dad, and Jim playing trombones (Christmas 1976)

Home in Jenkintown, PA at 407 Cheltena Ave during the 1970s and 1980s

Mom and Dad Bidlack (Christmas 1974)

L to R: Geoff, Gregg, and John; Jim in front (Christmas 1974)

L to R: Phyllis, Gregg, John, Jim, Mom, and Geoff (Christmas 1974)

Geoff's Graduation Picture (Spring 1973)

Jim in Fifth Grade (Spring 1972)

L to R: Gregg, Dad, John, and Geoff; Jim in front (Spring 1971)

L to R: Geoff, Mom, Dad, and Gregg; Jim in front (Spring 1971)

L to R: John, Geoff, Mom, and Dad; Jim in front (Spring 1971)

L to R: John, Mom, Dad, and Gregg; Jim in front (Spring 1971)

Home in Jenkintown, PA at 237 Summit Ave during the 1970s

Jim in Fourth Grade (Spring 1971)

Jim in Third Grade (Spring 1970)

Jim in Second Grade (Spring 1969)

L to R: Dad, Geoff, John, and Gregg (Christmas 1969)

Jim and Gregg at in Jenkintown, PA (Spring 1968)

Jim in Kindergarten (Spring 1967)

Dad and Jim Best Buddies (1960s)

Mom and Dad Bidlack at Virginia Beach (1964)

L to R: Jim, Geoff, Gregg, and John (mid 1960s)

Jim, Mom, Geoff, and Gregg at Washington's Crossing picnic (mid 1960s)

Jim and a sparkler on 4th of July (mid 1960s)

Jim's birthday activities with friends (mid 1960s)

Jim's birthday party with friends (mid 1960s)

Jim wearing a sailor hat at the shore in Ocean City, NJ (mid 1960s)

Jim and Dad at the shore in Ocean City, NJ (mid 1960s)

Grandpa Verne C. Bidlack Sr. playing golf (mid 1960s)

Jim at 237 Summit sitting at entrance to house (mid 1960s)

Mom and the Bidlack Brothers in Plaids (mid 1960s)

Geoff, Dad, Gregg, and Jim (early 1960s)

Uncle Jerry, Aunt Star, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, and Dad (early 1960s)

L to R:  Geoff, John, Gregg, Cousin Linda, w/ Jim in front (early 1960s)

L to R:  Gregg, John, Geoff, Grandma, Jim, Dad, and Grandpa (early 1960s)

Jim on steps at 237 Summit (early 1960s)

Bidlack Brothers arrive in Jenkintown, PA at 237 Summit (early 1960s)

Home in Jenkintown, PA at 237 Summit Ave (early 1960s)

Bidlack Brothers at Home in Minnesota (1961)

Minneapolis Sunday Tribune:  Jim's Birth (February 1961)

James Enderby Bidlack (December 1961)

Geoffrey Alan Bidlack (April 1956)

Gregg Little Bidlack (August 1952)

John Lawrence Bidlack (August 1952)

Home in Levittown, PA featured in Town & Village (November 1952)



Brother John Bidlack's Daughter, Erin Bidlack

Brother John Bidlack's Son, John Bidlack Jr.

Brother Gregg's Son, Philip Gregg Little Bidlack Video Production at Northeastern State

Brother Geoff Bidlack's Son, Lance Bidlack



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