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This Web Page includes pictures from Jim Bidlack's years at High School, Purdue, University of Arkansas, Iowa State, and University of Central Oklahoma

Purdue, Arkansas, Iowa State, & UCO

1970s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s...



Receiving MERLOT House Cup with Michael Plotkin on behalf of the MERLOT/Biology Editorial Board (April 2014)

The UCO TriBeta Officers for the 2013-2014 Academic Year (April 2014)

TriBeta Vice President Croby Jones does Disco with Dr. Bidlack at Regional Meeting (April 2014)

Receiving MERLOT House Cup on behalf of the MERLOT/Biology Editorial Board (July 2012)

UCO Leadership Award for Work with Tri-Beta Honor Society (April 2012)

Attending Inauguration Ceremony for a great man - UCO President Don Betz (April 2012)

A great new friend - Oklahoma County Sherriff John Whetsel!  (February 2012)

Wearing a Spinning, Red Tie for General Biology Lecture (September 2011)

Exciting Lecture on Nitrogen Cycle for Plant Physiology Class (March 2011)

Interview with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Denver, Colorado (February 2006)

Getting Ready for UCO Graduation Ceremony in Full Regalia (December 2005)

Circle K International Halloween Party (October 2005)

Third Summer in Dr. Silverman's Lab at OMRF - Great Discovery!  (July 2005)

UCO President Roger Webb and Jim Bidlack at Spring AAUP Conference (April 2005)

MERLOT/Biology Editorial Board, in Costa Mesa, California (August 2004)

Stampede Week New Student Orientation (August 2003)

Marty Zahn, Jim Bidlack, Don French, Jeff Bell at MERLOT in Vancouver (August 2003)

Working in Dr. Silverman's Lab at OMRF during the Summer (July 2003)

Marilyn Monroe at St. Gregory Hotel in Washington, DC (April 2003)

Stampede Week New Student Orientation (August 2001)

In the Office working on a Publication (1998)

Chancellor Hans Brisch and National AAUP President (April 1997)

AAUP-UCO Distinguished Scholar Award (March 1995)

Pigeon Peas and Chickpeas on Roof of Science Building (September 1992)

First Academic Year as Assistant Professor at UCO (March 1991)

Iowa State University Graduate Physiology Class (April 1988)

Rock Group at Iowa State, "Misfits of Agronomy" (February 1988)

College Roommate Visit - Fran Blumberg and Marco Ciccotelli (March 1987)

Dwayne Buxton, PhD Dissertation Advisor at Iowa State, and Jim Bidlack with a Beard! (June 1987)

Jim Bidlack and Dwayne Buxton acting silly in the Barn with Earl the Steer (June 1987)

Finishing Homework before a Party at University of Arkansas (September 1985)

Getting Ready for a Party at University of Arkansas (September 1985)

Back from Party at University of Arkansas (September 1985)

Dad at Graduation from Purdue (May 1984)

Mom at Graduation from Purdue (May 1984)

Tom Greenbowe, Jim Bidlack, and Nobel Laureate H.C. Brown at Purdue (March 1982)

High School Picture (April 1979)

Science Fair at Jenkintown High School (October 1978)



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