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This Web Page includes Pictures for

Charles Inslee Bidlack

Born April 17, 2011 at 1:59 PM




Charles Gearing up for Snow (December 2017)

Charles at Beavers Bend State Park near Broken Bow, Oklahoma (March 2017)

Charles at the Walk with the Dinosaurs Event in Oklahoma City (February 2017)

Charles and Dad Christmas Picture (December 2016)

Charles receiving award from Pastor Mitch Miller - Santa Fe Presbyterian Church (November 2016)

Charles fishing at Eureka Springs, Arkansas (July 2016)

Charles and his Crime Preventer Fleet (February 2016)

Charles and Mittens the Cat (January 2016)

Charles at Childtime Daycare - Looking Good! (November 2015)

Charles meets the Real Bigfoot at the UCO Campus (October 2015)

Police Officer Charles Bidlack (October 2015)

Charles and Dad at Oklahoma City Botanical Gardens (June 2015)

Charles and Dad at the TriBeta Biology Club Shindig - Gaillardia Country Club (April 2015)

Charles and Casey Burt - Nanny Extraordinaire!  (March 2015)

Charles is all smiles and being very good this year for Santa's upcoming visit (December 2014)

Charles at the Pumpkin Patch (October 2013)

Charles playing with bubbles and lots of girls at the Edmond Library (September 2013)

Ci Ci's Pizza Day with Daddy while Mom is in class (September 2013)

Charles having fun in the Water Park at the Zoo (July 2013)

Charles having a good healthy breakfast at home (May 2013)

Jim and Charles Christmas Picture (December 2012)

Charles Christmas Picture (December 2012)

Charles at the Library (November 2012)

Charles at Daddy's Office (October 2012)

Charles likes McDonalds! (July 2012)

Charles learning how to use a swing at the park (May 2012)

Charles and Daddy watching TV (May 2012)

Charles getting acquainted with a beaver at Oklahoma Aquarium (May 2012)

Charles learning how to walk at his Birthday Party (April 2012)

Charles has teeth! (March 2012)

Charlie's First Christmas Picture (December 2011)

Charles First Halloween (October 2011)

Charles and Toy Car at Hafer Park (October 2011)

Charles eating his first Graham cracker (September 2011)

Charles and The Nanny at home (September 2011)

Charles and Daddy at the Omniplex (September 2011)

Charles meets the lion in Howell Hall Atrium (September 2011)

Charles already learning to drive a car! (September 2011)

Charles in Daddy's Chair at Office (August 2011)

Charles at home after bath time (July 2011)

Charles alseep in the bassinet (June 2011)

Charles and Daddy at home (May 2011)

Charles exploring the ceiling after one week (May 2011)

Charles takes his first trip in the car (April 2011)

Charles Inslee Bidlack before going home (April 2011)

Charles is here!  (April 2011)

Charles and Daddy on Birthday (April 2011)

Getting Ready - Baby Bed at Lakeside Women's Hospital (March 2011)

Baby Bidlack at 33 Weeks (March 2011)

Baby Bidlack at 20 Weeks (November 2010)

Baby Bidlack at 14 Weeks (October 2010)

Baby Bidlack at 8 Weeks (September 2010)

The BIG NEWS! (August 2010)


VIDEO:  Charles Meets Bigfoot at the Bidlack Estate YouTube Video (July 2015)

VIDEO:  Charles and the Oompa Loompa Song YouTube Video (March 2015)

VIDEO:  Charles Meets the Duck at Hafer Park in QuickTime Video Format (August 2012)




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