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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Spring 2003 Plant Physiology Class

Pictures from Spring 2003 Plant Physiology Class

Close-up of the starch gel from MDH experiment

Mary, the Night Custodian, helps Dr. Bidlack develop starch gel

Shana Castle pleased that starch gel worked

Lisa Overall showing off a loaded starch gel

Michiko Matsunaga learns how to load a starch gel

Kenjiro Uno, Nathan Diekman, and Tammy Huffman learn about starch gels

Dr. Bidlack explains how to load samples in the starch gel

Mary, the Night Custodian, helps Dr. Bidlack prepare starch gel

Plant physiology class analyzes MDH using the UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Lisa Overall takes a break before starting enzyme assays

Nathan Diekman, Kenjiro Uno, and Michiko Matsunaga prepare samples

Jennifer Ditto and Lisa Overall hard at work

Michiko Matsunaga learns about Pipetman to do protein assays

Jennifer Ditto shy about having her picture taken in class

Amber Ali - Expert Physiologist and future Research Scientist

Kenjiro Uno celebrates highest class average

Tammy Huffman does all the work - and even washes glassware

Tammy Huffman and guest appearance of Emilee Marley in freezer room

Nathan Diekman gets a few pointer from Tammy Huffman about sub-sampling

Plant physiology class uses Chardakov's Method to measure water potential 

Lisa Overall and Amber Ali prepare for the potato water potential lab

Lisa Overall watering plants for MDH Experiment

Bryan Tison (in costume) watering plants for MDH Experiment