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To view lecture notes, choose a format (MS-Word or Adobe Acrobat) and left click on "word" or "pdf" next to the document you wish to open.  You can also download lecture notes by using right click and the "save as" option in your browser.

These lecture notes are personal property of Dr. Jim Bidlack and may not be duplicated by others for personal profit, publication, or other purposes leading to monetary gain.  If used as reference material, acknowledgement of Dr. Bidlack should accompany the presentation.  Students and instructors may use these materials for personal educational enrichment.  Students are permitted to print one copy of the notes on their own printer and have them available for review during lecture.

word pdf Introduction Lect. 1
word pdf Levels of Biological Organization Lect. 2
word pdf Chemistry Lect. 3
word pdf Biological Molecules Lect. 4
word pdf Cell Structure & Function Lect. 5
word pdf Overview of Metabolism Lect. 6
word pdf Photosynthesis (Part I) Lect. 7
word pdf Photosynthesis (Part II) Lect. 8
word pdf Enzymes Lect. 9
word pdf Cellular Respiration (Glycolysis, TCA, ETS, & Oxidative Phosphorylation Lect. 10, 11, &12
word pdf Pentose Phosphate Pathway  Lect. 13
word pdf Nitrogen & Sulfur Metabolism Lect. 14
word pdf Secondary Metabolism Lect. 15
word pdf Molecular Biology Lect. 16
word pdf Thermodymanics & Water Potential Lect. 17
word pdf Water Potential & Xylem Transport  Lect. 18
word pdf Mineral Nutrition Lect. 19
word pdf Phloem Transport & Partitioning Lect. 20
word pdf Photosynthesis - Transpiration Compromise Lect. 21
word pdf Growth & Development Lect. 22
word pdf Plant Growth Regulation Lect. 23
word pdf Photomorphogenesis Lect. 24
word pdf Photoperiodism Lect. 25
word pdf Responses to Temperature Lect. 26
word pdf Circadian Rhythms and Geotropism Lect. 27
word pdf Environmental Physiology Lect. 28
word pdf Stress Physiology Lect. 29
word pdf Statistics Special Seminar Special
word pdf Phytoremediation Special Seminar Special
word pdf Malate Dehydrogenase Report Special

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