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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Spring 2004 Cell Physiology Class

Pictures from Spring 2004 Cell Physiology Class

Dr. Bidlack returns from party to provide advice for Lab Group Leaders

Troy explains to Dr. Bidlack how the lab will be done

Michael Chan, future Forensic Science Professor, provides pre-lab instructions

Melisha ready and willing to help everyone with the experiment

Rachael prepares reagents, spectrophotometer, and motivates the group

Rebecca excited as ever to have her picture taken in class

Patty, Tori, and Nick get ready to isolate DNA from an onion

Leslie is pleased that her chemistry skills are put to use

Jennifer Brown explains how lab will help her career in Pharmacy

Kim figures out how to extract DNA at home with a blender and a bottle of wine

Josh, King of Wal-Mart, memorizes prices and estimates costs of lab

Kimmi explains to Josh how much she will make in pharmaceutical sales

Philistus simply enjoys being part of the class and learning about DNA

Group 3 works together to load DNA on agarose gel

Amie Hacker, Future Lab Director for Crime Scene Investigations

Anndrea, future California Girl and Marine Biologist

Christi, bursting with enthusiasm for the mysteries of Cell Physiology

David tells the class about his research on wetland soils

Fumi ready as ever to give the first PowerPoint Presentation to the class

Steffany explains how to remember her name:  Stef -f-a-n-y

Group 4 discusses the experiment while DNA gel is being run in the back lab

Shyla tells a great story about her husband buying perfume

Shana figures out how she'll use this experience to isolate DNA from sharks

Kevin, Jennifer, Amie, and Troy get to work on the lab

Cliff Pelchat, orchid ecologist, joins the class to learn about DNA extraction

Rebecca and Rachael team together to wash glassware for the class

Mike anxiously awaits the results and YES!  DNA is detected on gel

Group #1 celebrates success of DNA extraction and detection lab