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This page contains lecture notes for the class.  There are also handouts at the bottom of this table, available in MS-Word or Adobe Acrobat format.  You may view these documents by using the left click option on "word" or "pdf," depending on your preference.  You can also download these handouts by using the right click and "save as" option in your browser.

These lecture notes are personal property of Dr. Jim Bidlack and may not be duplicated by others for personal profit, publication, or other purposes leading to monetary gain.  If used as reference material, acknowledgement of Dr. Bidlack should accompany the presentation.  Students and instructors may use these materials for personal educational enrichment.  Students are permitted to print one copy of the notes on their own printer and have them available for review during lecture.

word pdf  Cell Structure and Function Lecture 1
word pdf Biological Molecules Lecture 2
word pdf Protein Structure and Function Lecture 3
word pdf From DNA to Protein and Details of Protein Synthesis (two parts) Lecture 4
word pdf Biomembranes & Subcellular Organization Lecture 5
word pdf Control of Gene Expression Lecture 6
word pdf Post-transcriptional Control, RNA Processing, & Protein Sorting Lecture 7
word pdf Photosynthesis Lecture 8
word pdf Cellular Respiration Lecture 9
word pdf Recombinant DNA Technology (Summary of DNA Cloning as word file) Lecture 10
word pdf Chemistry supplement Special
word pdf Lab Preparations Special
word pdf Lab Reports Special
word pdf Presentations (Schedule as word; Instructions as word and pdf) Special
word pdf Evaluation of Presentations Special
word pdf Calculations (pH) Part I Special
word pdf Calculations (pH) Part II Special
word pdf Calculations (pH and free energy) Part III Special
word  pdf Lab 1:  DNA Isolation Special
word  pdf Lab 2:  Protein Electrophoresis Special
word  pdf Lab 3:  Organelle Isolation & Enzymology Special
word  pdf Lab 4:  Transformation & Gene Expression (protocol) Special
word  pdf Lab 5:  Polymerase Chain Reaction Special

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