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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Spring 2006 Cell Physiology Class

Pictures from Spring 2006 Cell Physiology Class

Dr. Bidlack dresses in formal attire for the first Cell Physiology Lab

Eric and Chad prepare tissue for shredding

Kim is definitely at peace with DNA

Heather excited as can be about gel electrophoresis

Shauna sports protective headwear for lab

Ty shows his dimpled chin to the class

Sheila carefully plans the next step for DNA isolation

Chad #1 wears glasses

Chad #2 is a wild-haired hippie scientist

Courtney secretly admires vascular bundles in the background

Jennifer is a wild and crazy future molecular biologist

Dohee is the most dedicated and serious student

Natalie can't wait to use the spectrophotometer

Amina will be the goddess of love on Valentine's Day

Spectrophotometer P-A-R-T-Y!

Shanasy is the lab leader for a day

Agarose gel turns our very well - Group #4 wins

Amina strikes a pose during the protein electrophoresis lab

Chad explains how the polyacrylamide gel was cut to a perfect size

Christy is as happy as can be to work with her favorite group

Little does Courtney know about boxed coconuts in the background

The famous Eric - Lab Leader for a day

Greg shows his best impression from "The Shining"

Greg explains that Dohee got some crabmeat stuck in his ear

Jarrod thinks imitation crabmeat is better than the real thing

Jennifer is still reminiscing about her great Valentine's Day celebration

Jodee pledges to get the high score on Exam #2

Kim will become well-known for her artistic gel staining technique

Nadine's second career as a stand-up comedian will make her rich

Natalie's hard work will pay off when she become director of the CDC

Greg amazes the class with his gel mounting technique

Shanasy will double as a model/actor and senior research scientist

Shauna and Jodee show the guys how grinding is done

Sheila says "Let's Make a Deal" with this shiny new microcentrifuge

Stefanie metamorphasizes into a beautiful blonde molecular biologist

Ty agrees that taking pictures in lab is the best part of class

The Incredible Hulk, Chad, struts his stuff

Jennifer is excited about analyzing protein using the Bradford Technique

Greg is the KING of the Pipetman

Justin is amazed at the suction power of a Pipet-Aid

Christy and Shanasy make a serious team of molecular biologists

Greg shows his skills in using saline solution to mobilize cheek cells

Jarrod is the class champion of cheek cell extraction

Christy is completely impressed with Jarrod's technique

Amina explains to Stephanie how Jarrod extracted his cells

The PCR Thermocycler is made ready for DNA amplification

Chad looks on as Jarrod shows the class how to use a Pipetman

Stefanie finally admits to Justin that she is his secret stalker

Natalie shows her expert technique in loading an agarose gel

Kimberley is just plain happy that DNA showed up in the gel