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This Web Page contains pictures from Dr. Bidlack's Spring 2005 Cell Physiology Class

Pictures from Spring 2005 Cell Physiology Class

Dr. Bidlack prepares for the DNA Isolation Lab

Heather D. is ready to set the curve for the class

Holly prepares to isolate DNA

Our one and only graduate student, Dawn

Heather A. spends her free time studying at Eskimo Joe's

Si Xu loves to have her picture taken in class

Stormy with a big smile and a great name for Oklahoma

Meet the future CEO of Wal-Mart, Josh

Debbie talks about the dream she had about her dog during lab

Robert - future Ph.D., M.D., D.D.S. - and Evangelist

Lance wears black to mourn the death of an onion used for DNA extraction

Shawna read the Cell Physiology book last night and knows the true meaning of buffer

Dillon, the Army Man, who was named after a grocery store

Megan loves to study her Cell Physiology Book on the third floor of the Library

Jessica, one friendly person, and smart too!

Todd can't help admit that he drank a six-pack before class

Bryan gets so excited about the DNA extraction that he loses control in class

Cherish is the great visionary for the class

Jen is the woman of the day and Bryan admits she is really why he enrolled in the class

Every class should have this fun-loving Canadian, Kenton, who makes everyone smile

Phuong is a serious student when it comes to Cell Physiology

During lab, Ben grows two extra heads (look at the picture closely)

Tiffany dreams about the experiments she could do with a microcentrifuge at home

Jen and Cherish are secretly identical twins and fight for Bryan's hand in marriage

Antje and Anna get to work on extracting DNA

Kevin (middle) tells Bob (left) and Phuong (right) what he is going to buy Amy for Valentine's Day

In addition to having their pictures taken, class members successfully extracted and identified DNA

Kenton supervises preparation of protein from crab meat for electrophoresis

The class watches as the SDS polyacrylamide gel system is prepared

A gel is mounted onto the electrophoresis apparatus

Lance fills the chamber with electrophoresis buffer

Megan assists in unloading the SDS polyacrylamide gel

The completed polyacrylamide gel after runing for about 30 minutes

Jennifer and Stormey give the "thumbs up" to staining the gel with Coomassie blue

Picture of gel #1 after staining for 24 hours and destaining with methanol / acetic acid

Picture of gel #2 after staining for 24 hours and destaining with methanol / acetic acid

Megan is totally motivated for the MDH enzyme assay lab

Antje joins in with contagious enthusiasm for the MDH enzyme assay lab

Dillon prepares himself for protein determination prior to enzyme assays

Jennifer definitely relates to what enzymes are all about

Dawn (alias Martha), Lab Leader, gets serious about how to do enzyme assays

Shawna exercises her skills as a motivational speaker for her favorite lab

The class gets right to work with the spectrophotometer

The class anxiously anticipates active enzymes converting malate to OAA

Kenton gets to work on the transformation lab

Transformation of pGLO plasmid into E coli is successful

Close-up of a Petri dish showing expression of pGLO

Bryan uses column chromatography to  isolate green fluorescent  protein (GFP)

Kevin pleased after seeing successful isolation of GFP

Todd is just plain happy that this is the last lab of the semester

Tiffany finishes class and is gainfully employed in Stillwater

Lance gets ready to celebrate his birthday after graduation

Bob calls his wife, once again, to tell her that he got accepted into Med School

Ben lets everyone know that his son is going to be a famous scientist some day

Si Xu is happy about graduation

Molecular Cell Physiology students at graduation